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Democrats for Life (PRO-LIFE)
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Welcome to the Democrats for Life community on LiveJournal! This community is a place for Democrats to discuss issues facing us in elections, to share information, talk about pro-life politicians, and to support each other (there is probably less than a dozen of us world wide...) in our unique stance.

This is not a place for abortion debate. If you are not a democrat, you may join, though it is unknown why you would want to...

***If you are pro-choice, please do not join the community. You are welcome to watch, but please do not join. This community is called Democrats for Life. Those are the members we are shooting for. If you do not even respect the right everyone has to live, then this community is definitly not for you. If you are one of those pro-choicers who likes to ask questions, there are pleanty of other places for that. Please direct your questions to those places...***

We are not limiting the discussions to the subject of abortion. We can talk about economics, other social issues, etc. It's OK. We are just a group of Pro-Life democrats getting together.

List of Pro-Life Dems!
I would like to start a list of Pro-Life Democrat politicians on this page. It doesn't matter if it is at a city, state, county, or national level. Please e-mail me here with anyone you know of, as long as their position has or could have an impact on the abortion issue.

Please join in the discussions!